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because i steal surveys like it's my job

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Dec. 30th, 2004 | 11:39 am
mood: okayokay
music: hell yeah - ani

Ten Random Things About Me
10. my contacts are driving me nuts right now
09. i have a toe that is smaller than all the other ones
08. i am single, and then some.
07. i seem to have lost 35 pounds of myself recently. im not putting out any search parties either.
06. i woke up singing ani. yes, weird. listening to it now, in fact.
05. i secretly love these surveys
04. i am a bit of a control freak, and should be fired for it.
03. i have two tattoos and 6 piercings
02. i love having my nails painted super girlie pink :)
01. i think im going to take my bro to jamba juice today

Nine Places I've Visited
09. beech mountain, nc
08. atlanta, ga
07. nyc, ny
06. south beach, miami
05. italy
04. greece
03. london
02. turkey
01. okeefenokee, ga

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die
08. live in nyc
07. open a restaurant
06. marry
05. teach
04. be famous
03. make a change for someone, somewhere
02. have requitted love for once
01. meet and chill with ani, she would be totally cool

Seven Ways To Win My Heart
07. stupid romantic shit
06. don't play with it
05. take control from me, please
04. cook for me
03. listen
02. have a natural chemistry
01. just love me

Six Things I Believe In
06. work, it's good for the soul
05. angels, they exist
04. an innate goodness or internal compass that everyone has
03. myself
02. the power of words and the beauty of english
01. love, i believe in it, i do.

Five Things I'm Afraid Of
05. escalators, seriously.
04. being hurt by someone i care for
03. global warming
02. love
01. other people driving

Four of My Favorite Items In My Bedroom
04. my computer, i would die without it, im so stuck in it
03. my bed because it is the most softest and bestest bed in the world. mmmm.....
02. my baby, pogo.
01. my pics of NYC. i want to be there sooooo bad.

Three Of My Favorite Songs Now
03. "hell yeah" - ani difranco
02. "it's such a pity" - tanya stevens
01. " let me love you" - mario

Two Things I Am Trying Not To Do Right Now
02. sneeze
01. get dressed and leave the house, ugh

One Person I Want To See Right Now
01. sarah smith, you better call me soon, grr.

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